• Medical scientists take first industrial action in over 50 years

    On the pickets at Beaumont Hospital Dublin
  • COVID 19 Hidden Heroes

    Preparing specimens for COVID 19 testing at OLOL Hospital Drogheda
  • MLSA AGM 2019

    MLSA Executive Committee at MLSA AGM 2019, part of LabCon 2019 in Kilkenny
  • Medical Scientists 20 year claim for parity and equal pay

    Picketing at Mullingar Hospital



The MLSA AGM will take place on Saturday October 8th 2022.  The intention is to have a live AGM, with a venue still to be confirmed. Further details will follow.


An update on motions from the 2021 AGM is available here.


Click here for a nomination form the Executive Committee for 2022-2024, for which there are six vacancies. The closing... Read More


The HSE has finally issued a memo and principles document on the reduction of working hours from 1st July 2022.

In summary, the standard working hours for medical scientists in public hospitals will be 35h from 1st... Read More


Following the exploratory talks at the Labour Court on Wednesday 25th May, the Labour Court Chairman wrote to both parties (MLSA and HSE/DOH) requesting them to return to the WRC for a short further engagement to explore “developed thinking” by the employer side. The Labour Court has set down a timeframe of three weeks for this process: any matters outstanding after the WRC process will be referred back to the Labour Court for a binding recommendation. The letter is available in the Members' Area under MLSA Industrial Action Information.

... Read More


The MLSA Executive Committee has today unanimously accepted an invitation by the Labour Court tomorrow, 25th May, for exploratory talks on the dispute with a view to assisting the parties. The MLSA has also agreed to the request of the Court to suspend tomorrow’s industrial action to allow talks to proceed. HSE/Department of Health have also accepted the invitation to attend. The MLSA has issued a... Read More


The MLSA has issued a further press release in advance of its second week of industrial action in pursuit of its 20 year claim for parity of pay and career progression with scientific colleagues. Two further 12-hour stoppages are planned tomorrow and Wednesday 24th and 25th May. 


An MLSA delegation met with the HSE and Department of Health on Wednesday 27th April, Due to the failure of the employer side to issue a proposal that the union could put to its members, the Executive Committee has voted to serve industrial action notice on the HSE and section 38 employers today.

The dates for industrial action are as follows, from 8am to 8pm each day:
Wednesday 18... Read More


The details of the payment of the pandemic special recognition payment announced in January 2022 have finally been published. The HSE has issued HR Circular 12.2022 and an FAQ document detailing how the payment will be made and to whom, which can be found in the Member Updates 2022 section of the Members' Area... Read More


The MLSA has suspended its planned industrial action to accept an invitation to meet with the Public Sector Agreement Group on 31st March 2022.