• Medical scientists take first industrial action in over 50 years

    On the pickets at Beaumont Hospital Dublin
  • COVID 19 Hidden Heroes

    Preparing specimens for COVID 19 testing at OLOL Hospital Drogheda
  • MLSA AGM 2019

    MLSA Executive Committee at MLSA AGM 2019, part of LabCon 2019 in Kilkenny
  • Medical Scientists 20 year claim for parity and equal pay

    Picketing at Mullingar Hospital


The MLSA has issued a further press release in advance of its second week of industrial action in...

MLSA Press Release 18th May 2022

Twitter @MedLabAssoc

Publications & Events

Industrial Action Wednesday 24th and 25th May 8am-8pm



Meeting with Agents and Strike Committees

Monday 23rd May 1pm via Microsoft Teams