• MLSA AGM 2022

    The 2022 MLSA AGM was held in the Galmont Hotel Galway on 8th October 2022, the first in-person AGM for three years.
  • Industrial Action 2022

    On the pickets at Our Lady's Hospital Navan in May 2022
  • MLSA Executive Committee

    The incoming MLSA Executive Committee for 2022-2023
  • Industrial Action May 2022

    Damp but determined - picketing at Mayo University Hospital

MLSA Staff

Please note that all MLSA staff are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and have extremely limited access to head office. If we cannot be reached by telephone please send an email.

Terence Casey

General Secretary                                                

Tel:          01 858 6472

Email:      tcasey@siptu.ie


Bronagh O'Leary

Industrial Relations Officer

Tel:           01  858 6472

Email:       boleary@siptu.ie


Adrienne Cushnahan

Administrative Assistant

Tel:           01 - 858 6472

Email:       mlsa2@siptu.ie


For data protection issues, please contact MLSA Head Office

Tel:           01 - 858 6472

Email:       mlsa2@siptu.ie

Post:         MLSA, 4th floor Liberty Hall, Dublin 1