• LabCon 2019 Plenary Session

  • MLSA

    The Union for Medical Scientists
  • MLSA AGM 2019

    MLSA Executive Committee at MLSA AGM 2019, part of LabCon 2019 in Kilkenny
  • The trade union for Medical Scientists

    Working to support and protect medical scientists

How To Join

The MLSA welcomes applications from all persons qualified to practice as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. The application form can be downloaded here. Completed applications should be returned by post to: Membership, MLSA, 4th Floor, Liberty Hall, Dublin 1.

All applications for new membership and renewal of membership are submitted for approval to the Executive Committee, whose decision on acceptance or rejection is final. All applicants will be notified of the decision of the Executive Committee. Successful applicants will be contacted to arrange payment of subscription, which in most cases can be arranged by deduction at source from salary. Alternatively, members can opt to pay by standing order or by cheque. Applicants do not become members and cannot avail of membership benefits until payment of the first subscription is received by the MLSA.