• Medical scientists working hard behind the scenes in Naas General Hospital Laboratory: Rosaleen Irwin dealing with urgent ferritins and daughter Katie Dunne doing a manual coagulation test, with baby on the way

    Three generations of Irwins in Naas laboratory

    Medical scientists working hard behind the scenes in Naas General Hospital Laboratory: Rosaleen Irwin dealing with urgent ferritins and daughter Katie Dunne doing a manual coagulation test, with baby on the way
  • COVID 19 Hidden Heroes

    Preparing specimens for COVID 19 testing in Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda
  • MLSA AGM 2019

    MLSA Executive Committee at MLSA AGM 2019, part of LabCon 2019 in Kilkenny
  • The trade union for Medical Scientists

    Working to support and protect medical scientists

Press Releases and Press Coverage

Off the Record COVID -19 Testing Panel Discussion - Newstalk 13th September 2020

MLSA Chairperson Kevin O'Boyle and ACSLM former president Marie Culliton took part in a panel disccussion with Gavan O'Reilly on Newtalk's Off the Record programme on testing capacities for COVID-19 and the difficulties hospital laboratories are facing in meeting increasing demand for COVID testing alongside the resumption of normal hospital services and general practice workload. Both contributors explained the issues causing the significant recruitment and retention problems in the profession. Listen to the podcast here.


Overworked medical scientists warn of burnout as testing requirements increase - Irish Examiner 6th September 2020

In an article by Padraig Hoare in the Irish Examiner on 6th September 2020, MLSA A chairperson Kevin O'Boyle warned of the pressures caused by the COVID-19 testing workload in laboratories that were already struggling with severe recruitment and retention issues. He outlined the difficulties caused by the lack of parity in pay and career progression parity with biochemist colleagues and the low entry level salaries that are not attractive for new graduates. The article can be found here.


Joint MLSA / ACSLM Press Release on COVID-19 and the urgent need for Laboratory Investment - 24th July 2020

The MLSA and ACSLM issued a joint press release on 24th July 2020 calling for investment in clinical diagnostic laboratories, particularly in staffing and the long-awaited integrated Laboratory Information System. The joint statement summarised the issues raised in a joint submission to the Oireachtas Special Committee on COVID-19 response in June 2020 and was issued ahead of the AGM of the ACSLM The press release is available here.

The press release was also published in the Medical Independent of July 23rd 2020.

Dr. Brigid Lucey, president of the ACSLM, discussed the issues raised in the press release on Kildare FM and a segment of her interview can be heard here.


Ireland's COVID-19 testing is nearly hIghest in the world in May - Irish Medical Times July 2020

In an opinion piece in the Irish Medical Times in July 2020,  Claire Wynne, medical scientist and lecturer on the MSc in Clinical Laboratory Science at Technical Unversity Dublin,  decribed the challenges and achievements of SARS-CoV-2 testing in Ireland and acknowledged the efforts and contribution of medical scientists to the national response. The article can be found here.

Inside the COVID-19 laboratory at Letterkenny University Hospital - Donegal Daily June 2020

On June 25th 2020, one hundred days after the first COVID-19 test at Letterkenny University Hospital, the Donegal Daily newspaper reported on the response of LUH laboratory staff to COVID-19 testing challenges and the crucial role they played in the detection and treatment of infected patients and staff in the hospital and community.


Podcast on COVID-19 Testing - Sunday Business Post June 2020

Marie Culliton, laboratory manager at the National Maternity Hospital and ACSLM Council member, explained the science behind COVID-19 testing to Susan Mitchell for the Sunday Business Post's The Coronavirus Ireland Podcast on 3rd June 2020. The podcast can be found here


Testing times: the science of fighting COVID-19 - Irish Examiner May 2020

In an article in the Irish Examiner on 24th May 2020, Abigail Salmon, Chief Medical Scientist in St. Vincent's University Hospital, desciribed the challenges of introducing COVID-19 testing to the laboratory in the early stages of the pandemic. Read the full article here.


Severe lack of medical scientists in Irish laboratories - Irish Examiner May 2020

Reporter Padraig Hoare wrote in the Irish Examiner on 24th May 2020 about the longstanding recruitment and retention difficulities in the medical scientist profession, which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and by pay anomalies compared to other grades. The article can be read here.


We are now turning around testing in Mullingar General Hospital in 24 hours - Newstalk Hard Shoulder May 2020

Reporter Barry Whyte interviewed senior medical scientist Mark McKeown on May 12th 2020 about setting up COVID-19 testing in a stand-alone "isopod" adjacent to the laboratory in Mullingar Regional Hospital. The interview can be heard here.


Testing times keeping up with demand - Irish Examiner May 2020

Reporter Marese Fagan spoke with Chief Medical Scientist Liz FitzPatrick and Senior Medical Scientist Dr James O'Connor about setting up an around the clock COVID-19 testing service at the Mercy University Hospital Cork, with results within 24 hours. Click here to read the full article.


Healthcare staff and the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Kerryman Newspaper March 25th 2020

Healthcare staff, including medical scientist Mairead Ní Mhuimhneacháin, stand in solidarity at University Hospital Kerry during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic


MLSA Statement on State Cervical Check Apology October 2019

Following the apology by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, on behalf of the State, to the women and families affected by the Cervical Check scandal, the MLSA wrote a letter to the editor of The Irish Times, which was published on Monday 28th October. Click here to read the letter.


Joint MLSA / ACSLM Press Release on LabCon Ireland April 2019

Click here for the joint press release from the MLSA and ACSLM for LabCon Ireland 2019.


MLSA Statement on Christmas Laboratory Services November 2018

Following comments by the Taoiseach about the contribution of an alleged lack of laboratory services over Christmas to the annual winter crisis in the health service, the MLSA wrote a letter to the editor of The Irish Times, which was published on Saturday 10th November. Click here for the letter.


MLSA Submission to the Oireachtas Joint Health Committee on Cervical Check - May 2018

The MLSA was invited to speak to the Joint Oireachtas Health Committee  on May 23rd 2018 about Cervical Check and screening programmes. Click here for the written MLSA submission to the Health Committee. 

Click here for the offical transcript of the public session of the Health Committee debate. The debate can be viewed at  https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/oireachtas-tv/oireachtas-tv-channel/


MLSA Statement on Cervical Check - May 2018

The MLSA issued a statement to all members in May 2018 on the CervicalCheck controversy. The statement was subsequently published as a letter to the editor in the Irish Times on Saturday 5th May 2018. Click here for the full statement.


MLSA Statement on Cervical Screening - April 2008

Following the decision by the HSE to outsource cytology screening to the USA in 2008, the MLSA issued a press release in April 2008 expressing its alarm about the decision and warning  about the potential longterm consequences of the outsourcing. Click here for the full statement.


MLSA Statement on the Proposals for a Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020 - June 2018

The MLSA Executive Committee has recommended acceptance of the proposed PPSA 2018-2020. Click here for the full text.